Repave Your Driveway For Instant Curb Appeal

Repaving your driveway is one of the easiest ways to boost a home’s curb appeal and overall value. A driveway that is cracked, stained, or worn-out can make an entire property look bad and can even turn away potential buyers. Businesses and commercial areas with damaged driveways and lacking appearances may lose customers due to a negative first impression. Ensure your property is a bright and inviting space by watching for signs that your driveway is in need of replacement.

Warning Signs a Driveway Needs Replacement

Keep a watch for the following signs that your driveway may be in need of repair or replacement. Common signs include:

  • Drainage Issues
  • Cracks/potholes
  • Worn, rough appearance
  • 15-20 years old

Many people reach for DIY solutions when their driveways become cracked or start to deteriorate but this should not be considered a long-term solution. At-home products are not the same as professional-grade materials and are not designed to last for years. These products do not provide a clean repair and can leave behind gaps where water can collect. Drainage issues can start a spiral of problems that continue to get worse over time. Having your driveway professionally repaired or replaced will ensure the end result is a quality surface that will last for years. 

A Welcoming Environment

Repaving your driveway can completely transform and improve the look of your property. It creates a positive first impression of your home and makes your space more appealing to neighbors, friends, and family. Having a functional, updated driveway space can also help attract potential buyers if your home is on the market. 

In commercial settings, curb appeal is equally as important. Damaged or crumbling concrete can pose a hazard to customers and is a liability risk. Working to improve your curb appeal will help to draw customers in and create an inviting space for them to visit.

Creates a Cohesive Flow

A sleek, fresh surface that flows from the street to your home will create a design that feels both cohesive and alluring. Another way to create a natural flow to your property is to extend your driveway into the walkway. This small change to the front of the property can completely change the overall look and is a neat way to add consistency to your home. You can also choose materials that match your home or garage to create unity and create a unique, custom design. You can choose from materials like cobblestones, pavers, or bricks.

Reduces Water and Staining

A driveway with drainage issues or water staining is at risk for additional damage the longer the problem goes unrepaired. When the driveway surface becomes cracked, has potholes, or starts to crumble, water can settle in the gaps and lead to premature aging. Water that pools in an area on your driveway can soak into the slab and cause it to deteriorate. Properties in locations that are subject to freezing temperatures and snow should pay extra attention to the state of their driveways due to the concrete's porous nature. Salt and other deicing materials can also cause the concrete to deteriorate and damage can increase with every freeze/thaw cycle.

Staining is another issue that many property owners face but these can be easily repaired. If the stain is fresh, cleaning solutions may be used to fresh the surface. If the stain has settled, it may be absorbed into the concrete and more difficult to remove. Having your driveway repaved or resurfaced with a sealer will restore the concrete and refresh the surface.

Common Types of Material

When repaving your driveway, there are several materials you can choose to have installed. Each offers unique benefits and designs, so it’s important to make an informed decision when choosing your surface material and installation professionals. Houston Driveway Replacement can help you find the best material to suit your personal needs and preferences. Some of the most common types of driveway surfaces are:

Asphalt: one of the most popular materials, asphalt is moderately priced, durable, and suitable for cold climates. Regular maintenance such as resealing and patching is required to keep the surface looking fresh and can last around 15 years. 

Poured Concrete: another popular option, concrete is often utilized for its longevity and may last for 20 years or more. While up-front costs may seem high, these driveways are well worth the investment. Repair maintenance should be handled by a professional, as it requires specialized equipment.

Pavers: great for both residential and commercial settings, these materials provide a beautiful design and increased curb appeal. Materials like paving stones and bricks are not only durable but also easy to replace and repair.

Whether you’re looking to repair your crumbling driveway or want to transform your home’s curb appeal, Houston Driveway Replacement has the knowledge and tools to create a flawless final product.

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