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Chances are if you've made your way to our website, you're seeking more information about driveway replacements, repairs, and materials. You have plenty of options when it comes to what materials to use, and we are going to discuss some of these here. But, there are some other factors you'll find helpful when making your decision and what will work best for your property.

Before you begin a project like this, you will want to interview the team you're working with and make sure they are a good fit. Not all companies are created equally, and we like to ensure our customers know exactly what we excel in and what we can accomplish for you. Driveway projects are a tall order and are most often require professionals. We would love the chance to be a part of your project, and we welcome all your questions. Keep reading about what we do, and call us anytime for more specifics.



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    Which is the best option for you?

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    Regardless of what material your driveway is made of, many people wonder if they should be resurfacing, repairing, or replacing it. It s a good question, and we will help you sort this out. 

    Asphalt - Many people choose this material because it's cheaper to install than other materials, it wares against cold snaps well, it can be layered season after season, and is more DIY friendly for maintenance. A new driveway should be installed by experienced professionals. But, you can easily perform the follow-up maintenance yourself. The downside to asphalt is that it needs more maintenance than other materials. It tends to crack, and it will need to be resealed regularly to preserve its longevity. 

    Concrete - This is a popular option for many homeowners looking for a material that (if done well) could last you for as long as you own the home. While it is more expensive to install, it is well worth the investment. The downside of this material is that you will be less able to repair or do maintenance on it yourself. The material is tricker to work with and requires special equipment.

    Pavers and Similar Materials - You may have seen friends, family, or businesses choose pavers, brick, or stone for their driveways. This makes for a nice aesthetic and has some additional benefits. These materials are durable, visually appealing, and have an easy replacement solution. On the downside, these are among the most expensive options for replacing a driveway.

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    You will know it's time to repair your driveway when you start seeing signs of aging like minor deterioration, crumbling, or cracking. For repairs, we will get a solid understanding of what material your driveway consists of and determine what material is best to fix it. It's not as easy as just cooking up the same material but also adjusting that material depending on how it is wearing down. We will prep your existing driveway by removing damage and clearing blemishes. We will also give it a good bath and let it completely dry. From there, we will repair the impacted areas with various techniques.

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    This option is seen as the "middle of the road" solution to repairing and full replacement. Before the project starts, we address any damages, blemishes, cracking, crumbling, or similar problems. This is when we will be able to decide if resurfacing is doable, or if you should go with replacing your driveway. Depending on the material, resurfacing is the process of removing what is damaged, and then adding a layer of material over it. The techniques we use will bond the bottom layer with the layer we add, so you get a new smooth surface that will last for years to come. Resurfacing remains a great choice for homeowners who have a decent foundation to build on top of without having to replace your driveway.

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    When considering a full replacement of an asphalt or concrete driveway, it's best first to consider it's age. Anything over that 20-year mark (less for asphalt) means it likely needs replacing if it's in bad shape. Resurfacing will only mask the problem for so long, and it will waste money in the long run. Some common reasons why you should replace your driveway is when you see standing water. This means the water isn't draining, and there is a backup or sloping issue. Another reason is potholes, cracks, or major deterioration. We can help determine this when we get a chance to look at your project.

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    Our Company


    Our company has been in this line of work for several years. We are a customer-centric business that works relentlessly to produce what our customers need. We work with all kinds of suppliers who give us superior materials at the best prices possible. That translates into better savings for you. We also stay up to speed on how the industry changes. While the driveway replacement business might not seem like it changes often, we are a part of a greater network of businesses like ours. All of us are always learning and obtaining new knowledge, tools, and products to be even better at our work. We pride ourselves on doing projects the right way, the first time.

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    Our Professionals


    You might be amazed to learn how much training goes into what we do. This is because we have a commitment to our customers to get the job done right. We hire tradespeople who understand this type of work and want to exceed your expectations. Our in-house staff is equally talented in helping you with every detail you need to make the best decision regarding your project. Finally, our management is top-notch and leads our entire crew to success both onsite and behind the scenes. We are a communicative business and welcome questions at any time. Feel free to call us with yours today.

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