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We are glad you have found us if you're hunting for a company that can help you with a concrete patio in the Houston area. Many homeowners today are opting for concrete patios over wood decks or other materials due to its several benefits. One of the reasons concrete is so popular is because it's durable and outlasts most any other materials you can choose. It's also easy to maintain, which is a bonus for most homeowners. If you're hunting a patio that can deliver on these points and more, you've come to the right place.
On this page, you will learn a little more about our concrete patio services and some of the benefits of working with concrete over other options. We are an expert team filled with professionals with years of experience. If you need a crew that gets it right from the start, you have found us!



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    Working With Our Team

    Our Process and Experience

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    Our company is skilled in driveway installations, repairs, and even patios. We have been working in this industry for years and are a customer-centric business. We do everything we can to understand your priorities and deliver on what you want. We have taken all the necessary steps to give our customers confidence in working with us. This includes being a licensed and insured business in Texas as well as offering labor warranties on our work.
    Our process is straight forward, but here is a look at what it is like to hire us for your new patio project.

    • Connect with us - Tell us about your patio project and let us know what we can help you achieve. 
    • Get a quote - after we gather all the details about your project, we will put together your quote. 
    • Schedule your install - We know our customers are busy people, which is why we will work to accommodate your schedule as best possible.
    • Your install day - Your patio may take a few days to build out, depending on what it is you want. There will also be a curing period afterward. 
    • Follow up - Once your project is complete, we will check in to make sure your patio is working out well and ensure you know how best to care for it. 

    We are happy to be your partners ongoing for repairs and maintenance that your patio might need in the future. Now, let's take a look at some of the benefits of using concrete for your patio project. 

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    There is a reason that many of the world's most sturdy structures are built with concrete. The best part is this material is available to you too and can be used in so many applications. Concrete patios are a durable option for those who want to ensure they have a great looking and safe area to gather for years to come. Your concrete patio will be able to stand up to weather, heavy furniture, or additional structures, like pergolas, that you might want to add. When compared to other materials like wood, pavers, brick, or stone, concrete is more durable than most of these materials over time.

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    Speaking of time, concrete will typically outlast most any other option on the market. Chances are, you want your patio to last as long as your mortgage, and with the right care, it can do just that. In fact, the average patio will last about 40-years depending on how cold and hot it gets. If you have an existing concrete patio that needs replacing, chances are it has been there a long time, which should give you confidence in using the material again. We will be able to share the ways to help it last a long time and explain what to look for when it comes to caring for and maintaining it. Since your patio will have such an impressive lifespan, this also makes it a great value.

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    That brings us to how budget-friendly concrete is. Upfront costs may seem steep for some concrete patio projects, but you cannot forget to calculate the ongoing maintenance. Since concrete doesn't require upkeep like other options, your overall cost will be lower. Most people don't consider how costly it is to replace a wood deck every few years or even the cost of keeping it stained or painted. We work to help you stay within your budget and realize your investment. Other materials like pavers, brick, stone, and wood often deteriorate and require replacement. Those costs can add up year after year.

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    Low Maintenance


    One of the best advantages of concrete over other materials is how low maintenance it is. There are no special tools or cleaning solutions required to maintain your concrete patio. Basic tools, like a scrub brush and simple solutions that are water-based, make maintenance a breeze. We will be happy to give you tips on how to maintain your new patio, so it always looks and feels like new. We will also teach you about things to look for through the lifetime of your concrete patio that may be signs of wear and tear. Things like small cracks or blemishes are easy to address when caught early, which is easier to notice if you've been alerted to that potential.

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    Another fantastic feature of concrete is that it is a more sustainable material than other options. Materials like wood and stone require using up resources. If you are trying to live more sustainably, concrete is a great option. You will also be thrilled to know that even after you've moved on from this home, your concrete can be reused or recycled. You'll find recycled concrete in places like playgrounds, skate parks, and ocean reefs. While this feature is not always on everyone's radar, it's nice to know that using concrete is less taxing on our environment than other material sourcing.

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