8 Signs Your Driveway Needs To Be Replaced


While driveways typically have a long lifespan, there are different factors like weather and temperature that can affect how long it will last. Whether you have an asphalt or concrete driveway, there are some universal signs you can look for to see if your driveway should be repaired or completely replaced. As a general rule, if your home or commercial driveway is 15 to 20 years old, it’s likely it will need repairs or replacing if there is extensive damage. Be sure to look for these key signs in your driveway:

Visible Cracks

If your driveway has large and visible cracks, they should be repaired before they lead to extensive damage. On average, cracks that are smaller than a quarter of an inch can be repaired but if they are any larger, the driveway may need to be replaced. Cracks that are left untreated can become deeper and more severe if there is a lot of water or freezing temperatures. It’s important to always consult a professional to examine the concrete and determine the best method of repair.

Drainage Issues 

A properly functioning driveway should not have any issues with drainage. If you are noticing rainwater that is collecting in areas or water running down your driveway, it should be addressed. If left untreated, the driveway can become cracked or extensively damaged from the excess moisture. There are several ways to remedy this issue and a licensed professional from Houston Driveway Replacement can assess the problem and possible solutions. Repair methods will depend on the driveway material and source of the issue but common solutions include installing strip drains, drainage pipes, or curbing. In severe cases, resurfacing or replacement may be necessary.

Rough, Uneven Surface

Is there a noticeable space between your garage floor and driveway? If your driveway has sinking or a rough, uneven surface, it may lead to more serious problems. This can lead to pooling water, staining, or structural damage. A rough, uneven surface can also lead to accidental trips and falls, which can lead to serious injuries. Keep your family and friends safe by watching for signs of wear and tear in your driveway. These areas can often be repaired with patches or other options but extensive damage may require resurfacing or replacement.

Potholes and Missing Pieces

Potholes and missing pieces from your driveway can drastically affect your home or business’s curb appeal. As soon as any potholes or missing pieces are noticed, they should be repaired to prevent further damage. Be sure to consult a professional to assess the best repair method. If potholes are left for extended periods of time, structural damage may occur that will require complete replacement. Missing areas of concrete or asphalt is not only visually unappealing but can also pose a tripping hazard. Be sure to have any damage repaired promptly to avoid accidents and injuries.


While concrete and asphalt driveways are designed to last for years, if your driveway is 15 or 20 years old, it should be assessed for quality and functionality. When driveways have aged, repairs and DIY fixes are less effective and can lead to more damage in the future. The average lifespan for an asphalt driveway is 20 years, while concrete can last for 25 years or more. Don’t let your dull and faded driveway take away from the aesthetic and curb appeal of your home, update it to match the rest of your property.

Sunken Areas

Sunken, uneven areas in your driveway can lead to structural damage, as well as water stains or damage. One of the first areas homeowners often notice is sinking is where the driveway meets the garage floor once a gap has developed. The amount of sinking and damage should be evaluated by a professional from Houston Driveway Replacement to determine the best plan for repair. Sinking can often be repaired with a patch if the issue is addressed quickly.


It’s common for homeowners to notice crumbling along the edges of the driveway if the asphalt or concrete edges were too thin. This can lead to issues with drainage, landscaping, and structural integrity of the driveway material. It’s common for this issue to be repaired with additional edging, resurfacing, or replacement. Improve the entire aesthetic of your home or business in Houston with a new driveway replacement. Our professional team will ensure a seamless installation that will prevent any further issues.

Color Changes

Faded color is one of the sure signs that your driveway is worn and may be in need of a facelift. If there are no cracks, crumbling, or damage, faded color can often be easily replenished with the addition of a sealant or coating. If the fading is accompanied by cracking, damaged, or missing pieces, it’s crucial to bring in a licensed professional to assess the damage and formulate a repair plan. 

Your driveway is the focal point of your property, so it’s important to ensure it is working to boost your home’s curb appeal and overall value. Are you in need of driveway repair or replacement in Houston? Unsure which method is right for you? Reach out to Houston Driveway Replacement today for your free estimate!

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