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If you're a homeowner, you know how much effort goes into maintaining your property. You want to maintain a certain image for your home, including the driveway entrance.

According to some estimates, asphalt driveways are some of the most popular driveways in the US because they are cheaper than concrete driveways--concrete can run up to $50 per square foot. On top of being more affordable, asphalt is also more durable than concrete, making it ideal for harsh climates common across the majority of the country.

With so many benefits associated with asphalt drives, it seems like an easy decision, but choosing an asphalt driveway style can be difficult when faced with so many options. Here are 6 of our favorite styles that homeowners can try in 2022.

Concrete and Stone Pathway

One of the most popular choices is to go with a stone pathway that cuts across the entire length of the asphalt driveway. It provides an elegant touch to your home, and it's one major style choice that won't break the bank either. You can either go with a bare pathway or choose to pave the stones if you have enough manpower and time available.

Cobblestone Pathway with Asphalt Driveway

Another variation on this theme includes using cobblestones instead of stones--it's more expensive, but it gives off a classic look everyone will love. Plus, you'll be able to create different patterns or designs, so your path stands out from all other driveways! You can even use colored cobblestones to help give your driveway some color without having to spend thousands on a new driveway.

Unique Design on Asphalt Driveway

If you're looking for something that will give your house some character and make it stand out from all other houses on the block, then an asphalt driveway with a unique design is what you should do. This can include different colors of black, gray, or brown asphalt to create a patterned image--perhaps even using the stones from the pathway to help add interest to your driveway!

Curved Asphalt Driveway

A curved driveway is a popular choice for those who don't want a standard flat asphalt drive. By creating a curve, you'll make it easier to pull up and enter your home because the driveway will be curved in front of the garage's doors--this means you won't have to worry about bumping your car if you're driving too close. You can even choose to curve your driveway inward in the front entrance (away from the garage) or outward (towards the garage) if you're looking to save space in front of your house.

Circular Driveway

If you've got a lot of land and want to use it for something fun, then a circular driveway is perfect. You can even design the asphalt using different colors to create a multi-dimensional look that people will love as they pull up. Plus, you won't have to worry about snow piling up or similar issues because the circularity will allow snow to fall off quickly without any accumulation!

Use Plants and Greenery to Enhance Asphalt

No driveway is complete without some greenery on either side of it. Using plants like cactus, succulents, and other types of grasses will help ensure that the area around your asphalt drive doesn't look ugly or unkempt. Plus, you can incorporate more greenery in the back to make sure no one has any idea there's an asphalt driveway present!

Asphalt Driveway Maintenance Tips

If you're getting an asphalt driveway installed on your property, then you need to know about proper upkeep and maintenance practices. Here are some of our favorite tips for maintaining your new blacktop:

  • Sweep off dirt and debris regularly so water can get through instead of pooling up near cracks
  • Fill in any cracks with asphalt crack filler
  • Hire a contractor to clean the roof of your garage if it's an elevated one
  • Add more gravel to areas that are sloped, so moisture is dispersed throughout the whole driveway

Benefits of Asphalt Driveway Installations

Asphalt driveways are extremely popular for homeowners because they provide benefits that last for years without requiring too much upkeep. Here are some of our favorite reasons to invest in an asphalt driveway:

  • Affordable compared with other material options
  • More durable than concrete and can easily withstand inclement weather conditions like rain, snow, etc.
  • Easy cleanup - you won't have to worry about scrubbing stains or dirt off since the blacktop absorbs the majority of it
  • Asphalt driveways are low maintenance - you can sweep them off or hose them down if needed to remove dirt and grime

Why You Should Always Hire a Licensed Professional

While anyone could install asphalt, that doesn't mean everyone should. There are some risks involved in doing so, including slippery surfaces when wet because the drive wasn't installed correctly in the first place. If you're not sure about hiring an asphalt contractor to install your driveway, consider using someone like this site for more information on how to choose one.

FAQs About Installing Asphalt Driveways

Now that you have some more information about having an asphalt driveway installed instead of other options, there are still some questions you might still have about them. Here are some of the most common we've heard:

Q) How Much Do Asphalt Driveway Installations Cost?

A) This is a question that many homeowners want to know before they hire an asphalt contractor to create their driveways, but unfortunately, there isn't really an answer here. This is because the price varies depending on the size and scope of your project. We recommend getting in touch with several companies who can provide you with quotes and checking out websites like this one to learn more about asphalt driveway costs.

Q) What Should I Avoid When Installing an Asphalt Driveway?

A) There are a lot of different things you should avoid doing when installing your asphalt driveway, which is why it's a good idea to hire a professional. Some things include: - Applying too much sealant around the edges because this can lead to cracking and puddling water - Pressure washing or brushing the surface too soon after installation because this could cause damage to the new blacktop.

Q) How Long do Asphalt Driveways Last?

A) An asphalt driveway should last between 10 and 20 years, depending on the quality of materials used during installation. The higher the material quality, the better your blacktop will hold up over time.

Q) How Often Should I Seal an Asphalt Driveway?

A) You should seal your asphalt driveway every 3 to 5 years for maximum protection against water damage and other issues that could pop up over time. Also, consider waiting until after winter to seal it because this minimizes potential freezing and thawing issues during colder months.

Installing an asphalt driveway is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to make their property look modern and provide ongoing benefits. While there are some risks involved in installing one, they're usually minimal to none if you hire a professional.

Be sure to consider finding a few contractors before deciding on one, and consult this site for more information about the costs of an asphalt driveway installation. Also, be aware of what not to do during installation to maximize your driveway's lifespan and durability!

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